Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gospel Choir Concert the Next Weekend!

The next weekend we came back to Grand Rapids for a Gospel Choir Concert that our daughter sang in. It was wonderful, an hour of singing to the Lord (and us too!). It was great - I took several videos, but don't know if that is quite right to include on these blog things. But I will include a couple pictures of Emily as part of the choir group, and then family, if you would like to hear a few clips, just let me know and I can send them on to you. Emily is the short one in the back row. And unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the whole choir, this bottom picture is only half......oh well, next time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dance Guild - Part Two

Lauren is the one twirling in the front, kind of leftish side
The Grand Finale
Emily, Kristen & Erin from St. Joe!

Clay & I, and Fran & Judy

All the friends!

I took lots more pictures, but held it down to these few here. Another nice thing was that several of the girlfriend's parents were there, so we got to meet them too. (I won't post those pictures, I promise!) But what a great group of girls! And a friend of St. Joe came up too with her girls to come and watch Emily too - that was much appreciated! So we had a great time, and I am sure all the girls slept very well! Love you all!

I sure hope SOMEONE/ANYONE leaves me a comment tho!!!

And does anyone know how to put the line frames around the pictures in blogspot? I have tried every button I could, and haven't found the right one yet!

Hugs, Diane

Dance Guild

That is Kelsey there!

And here is Beth in the middle in black!

And there is our Emily in the middle in the back!

And there is Lauren on the left!

And Lauren on the right! (Lauren choreographed this one to Amazing Grace, it was very good!)

Well here you go.... These are of the Dance Guild program that my daughter and her friends were in recently up at Calvin. Dh and I went up to Grand Rapids, met with my sister and a friend, went out to eat, and then went to see the program, it was really good! I thought there would be lots of ballet and maybe square dancing (kind of kidding here) but no, it was pretty wild (AND LOUD!!!) lots of hip hop and that kind of stuff. I didn't get too many great shots, those darn digital camera's you shoot the picture, then it is delayed so long the great shot is gone. So Emily is there in that one, she is in the back row with a black top and pink jacket - isn't she cute?
And her roommate Lauren, was in like five of the dances, and she choreographed a bunch too, we really enjoyed the whole thing!

Friday, April 04, 2008


Well I am adding a picture of my old buttons to all the other blogs that are showing theirs. These are from a neat blue bottle, that I am pretty sure belonged to my Grandmother Dirkse, who was no longer alive when I was born. My mom had saved them, and after checking out the other button blogs, I found out they were 19th century glass calicos and stencils, how cool is that? I wonder if these were saved from clothes, or new or what their story is. It is fun to imagine. I just always loved the looks of them, and knew they were old.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Drowning in Paperwork - Past Tense!

Yippeee, all the paperwork is done or passed on! I have felt like I was drowning in paperwork the last couple of months. I have been doing paperwork for three generations - and it was getting to me! We refinanced recently, had taxes to finish so that I could then have all the numbers I needed to fill out the FAFSA forms for college financial aid, then also had had my father-in-laws paperwork to get and send in to apply for financial help for him at the new nursing home he was going to. I had the deadline/schedules all figured out, but a wrench got thrown into the works, and it all didn't go as smoothly as planned and I was having stress attacks along with chest pains - not fun! So now the deadlines are done, and other things were passed on - ahhhhh - that is a sigh of relief! Oh, and throw into the mix my daughter had a bout with identity theft, on a big scale, with her checking account, which involved a visit from a very nice policeman, and the bank was super about it, but it all just added up.

So now that I can breathe a bit, I am hoping I will have more time to blog I hope - altho, my google reader jumps very quickly! I had it down to 20 unread blogs, and in one day it went up to 160 again - how does that happen?

So I hope you won't mind if I play catch-up a bit - you may see some Easter pictures yet. Catch ya later!