Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Myself, Fran & Clay

I am not even going to apologize for not writing for so long - oh well!!! But thought I would take a minute to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! This year both of our kids were not able to be at home - Ben is out in Washington state and Emily is in Spain - so we went out to eat to a wonderful restaurant in Holland, that was half way between our house and my sisters. So it was just hubby and my sister and I, but it was a great restaurant, and they had an incredible buffet, with everything you could ever want for a feast! And we have lots to be thankful for - we have been blessed many times over over - thank you God!

So here are a few pics of our feast....... and the young men cutting the prime rib, turkey, or ham, asked me not to include them in my photos, so there was more to eat than just the desserts and salads! Hope you all had a good dinner too!

Ahhhh, the desserts!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Or Mo Mo, our kitty! Here he is awhile back when I was sewing, and he just seemed to think that all those pattern pieces were put out there for him to sleep in! Well, weren't they? (doesn't he have the prettiest green eyes?)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Girls Book Club

Okay - I wanna tell you about this fun evening we had last week! It was MAGICAL! We have our group of ladies who get together to celebrate our birthdays, but now we have begun to have a monthly book club gathering also. This month we read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Flori had it at her house - and she decided to put together a meal similar to what they had at the beginning of the book. So we had Roast Pig (ribs), corn, and Potato Peel Pie. Then fruit and ice cream for dessert! There were also a few things they didn't get to have in the 1940's, like Sangria, but whatever.... Then we had supper on her patio that overlooks Lake Michigan, as the sun was setting, AND we were served by two very handsome gentlemen (Steve & Clay). It was truly wonderful.

And we also were able to find some vintage hats, so we could even dress up a little.

The book is a good one by the way - it was a good read!

And here is dessert!!!

And then couldn't pick just one sunset picture!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Garden Walk

Well, for me this should probably be titled "Garden Hobble!" I was going to do a post about our wonderful Book Club gathering, but I realize now that the pics are only on my card, in my camera, that is in the other room! And my knee has me pretty much back to square one pain-wise, stiffness wise - even tho it has been like six weeks (or more?) since my knee replacement! Oh well - So anyway - I will do that post tomorrow, and share a few things in my garden and birds that I see from my window! I have really missed working in my garden this year, especially since it hasn't been so horribly hot, But they will be there next year too!

I hope no one gets sick of looking at bird or flower pictures! It is just so much fun trying to get the perfect shot. And then since it is digital, you might as well take a million shots in trying! So here are a few visitors in our yard.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Loving These Visitors!

Okay, I will stop reading everyone else's blogs for a minute, and post something on my blog! It has been a long four/five weeks - and I have been going stir crazy being cooped up in the house, mostly by myself!!! I have been begging people to come and visit - and have had some response - so that has been wonderful! So here are a few of my diversions, from my recent knee replacement!

The first is my niece Kim and her hubby Tom - who were on their way back driving from Michigan back to California - and graciously stopped in to see us! Kim and I are only four years apart, so she seems a lot like a sister to me! Anyway - here she is with her family! I can't believe the kids have grown so much! And Tom even let me ask him a few photo/scanning/computer questions! Thanks Tom!

Then another day I got a wonderful visit from my "old" friend Melita! We were college friends, and have kept in touch all these years! And we get to see each other at least once a year. She came down to visit me (a couple hours drive, mind you) and even brought lunch along with her! We had a great time catching up on what our families are all doing. And you know with some people it seems like you haven't been apart at all when you get together, well that is the way it is with Melita. She has a gift for making you feel comfortable and loved!

And then one more get together here - this was our Birthday Girls Book Club Meeting - and we had it at my/our house, but the girls brought everything! Wasn't that nice??? My knee had newly been done, so this way I didn't have to travel far! We had read The Glass Castle, which was excellent by the way! So here we are, with my knee and all!

And here is a picture of what I hope to be doing soon - notice the lovely stitch marks on my knee? (should have made them a little bigger, they don't show up too much.... so just click on the picture, then you can see them!)

This group is meeting again tomorrow night - and we are discussing The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society book and we are having the meal together that begins the book, along with Potato Peel Pie, and we are to dress according to the 1940's.... complete with hats. Hmmmm, going to have to put my thinking cap on for this one! So I will have more pictures coming soon!

So there is a little of what we have been up to....... and I have also been taking lots of bird pictures, will put those up some other day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Knee & Lots of Love!

Well - tomorrow when I am uprighy for a bit I will check this out

to get a really good look---click on this pic so you can see a bit more of my throat!

My wonderful surgeon!

I have a new knee - and everything went well, thank you Lord! And I was visited by friends bearing gifts and flowers (I will have to have surgery more often - jk!) And more flowers and more flowers 0- I felt sooo loved - thank you everyone. This isn[t working so great having this on my tummy, along with vicodin in my tummy!So will write more soon, butcan at least put a few pix in. Beware the pic if the throat - I think theytried to give me a new eso0hagus while I was out and it hurt worse than the leg! more later XOX

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Nope I didn't see a mouse! Tomorrow I am getting a new knee!!! I am a little nervous, and twelve hours from now it will all be over! And I am covered with tons of prayer - so there is nothing more I can do for now......... but PRAY!!! And the surgeon I have is a wonderful man, who I trust 200%. I took before pictures, but will post them along with the after, the before is gross enough! I am hoping after all is said and done I will be much more prone (and able) to walk, and get up out of my lazy boy! Hmmm..... doesn't prone mean to lay down? Oh well, you know what I mean! And Dr. K. says I have suffered enough, and that my leg is bow-legged because of the two (or was it three) places where bone is on bone.

And I will leave you with a sweet picture of Emily and I. See you later!

You can surf on Lake Michigan!
This is my hubby!

And his surfing buddy! Waiting for the perfect wave, which eventually did come!