Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Sally's Wedding

Ginny Eernisse (my sister's good high school friend) and aunt of the Groom, and her husband.

Julie Westerbeke (in the middle), and her daughter on the left and mom on the right
Ginny Eernisse, her husband, her nephew and her mother

Sue Meeusen - from my high school class

Lynn Huibregtse's Mom

Lynn TenHaken and her dad Ken TenHaken

Wedding flowers!

My sister, Connie Dekker, mother of the bride!

Tom & Debbie Huenink

Connie enjoying the dance - what is it again??? (not the chicken dance!)

Connie & I

Connie & Paul Dekker

Harold & Donna Veldboom

Joan (Molter) Meeusen - another class mate

Betsy (Beernink) and Dale Theune - Growing up neighbors!

Mary & Jim Mills - more classmates!

Dan & Leona Theune


Tina, Sally & Gary Eernisse and Jenny

The Dekker Family!


Mother and Daughter

The girls!


Emily & her Alice in Wonderland costume

She sewed it herself!!!

My friend from college and her husband - we met in Saugatuck for supper one evening, catching up!

Melita & I

A storm coming in over the lake

Saw this one Sunday afternoon as another storm was coming in!

I posted all these pictures for my friends and family to see the wedding going on in Cedar Grove, my old hometown....... And a few other shots I threw in........ just fyi!