Monday, October 13, 2008

A Few Good Finds

Wanted to show you, very quickly, a couple of things I bought at last week's Bluff Antique Show. Once a month they have a wonderful open air antique show on the bluff, overlooking Lake Michigan. It is a walk in the park, and always has lovely breezes, and look what neat things I found for a couple bucks! I have this plate holder that holds large plates, and so far, all I keep finding are pretty little ones. But these were a good start tho! Isn't the one with the bluebirds beautiful? And the Dutch one is neat too -it says it is an autumn scene, I wonder if there are the other seasons out there too somewhere? Some day, if I ever get caught up, I will show you lots of other finds I have collected over the months, thrifting/antiquing is so much fun!!!

This glass dish was only $1.00 (I haggled!) and my friend who was with me, and knows her antiques, says it is crystal, but I don't know - I thought it was pressed glass, but the edges are a little sharp, and I couldn't see a mold line, oh well, whatever, it is very pretty!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ahhh, Fall or Pumpkins & Grapes

I love Fall - I love living in a place that has four distinct seasons - I love each one, and each season has its own part that I love! I love the cooler temperatures, the crunch of the leaves when you walk, the earthy oranges and browns and golds. I went out last weekend, and took pictures of grapes and pumpkins that are both right down our street here in Michigan. The pumpkin farm is always so much fun, we took the kids there every year, and took a yearly photo (or two or three or four!) of them picking out their pumpkins, and posing with the scary pumpkin creatures. Dad and I still have to go every year, and it always brings back fond memories. And once again, I just couldn't decide which pictures to include, and which to leave out, so believe it or not, I did leave a lot out - but the price was right to include lots too, so hope you enjoy them. And don't forget to click on them if you want a closer view.

Rows and rows of pumpkins!

Then there are also the grapes that are near to being picked. It was hard getting a good shot of these, because they seemed to all be hanging out in the shade! So I am putting a lot of grape pictures on here, but maybe tomorrow or the next day I can decide on which ones to delete..... oh well...

But what is great about living in Michigan - is at this time of year when you go driving down the country roads of grape fields it just smells HEAVENLY! It smells like grape juice, with every breath you take! Welch's buys a lot of these grapes I hear, but boy does it ever smell good there for a couple of weeks.

Look at all those grapes!

Well, hope you enjoyed your little drive down the country road here in Michigan!

Hugs - Diane