Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Off we go!

Well, I didn't get a chance to catch up on the blog yet - but we are off and on our way to see our oldest up in the U.P. It is a 10-12 hour ride, and we are camping, so lots of things to do to get ready. Here is hoping that we have good weather! See ya later (gulp - how am I going to live without my blogs? & how many thousands will I be behind in reading posts???) Oh, I wanna throw in one or two pics here quick too......well, maybe more .......

Here is the kiddo we are going to see ....... this was his mode of transportation up until recently.

Doesn't this look like PINK LACE????

Okay, I will get back to packing!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Are You Ready for This???

Wow - very sorry for the long absence once again! So I am ready tonight - so hope this one won't be TOOOOO long!? But I do have tons of pictures to share, so we will see how far Miss Chatty Diane gets tonight! And thank you to everyone who left comments - that is so much fun hearing from everyone! THANK YOU!!! Ah, where to begin? Well, I can't believe the end of July is coming up soon! Where does summer go? But it has been a lovely summer here in Michigan! Mostly in the 70's with no humidity, which I LOVE! And we have been able to enjoy quite a few sunsets over the Lake Michigan too! And there HAS been crafting going on around here too - don't let me forget to add pictures to this thing! The first I wanted to show you are our visit with friends Tom & Char who come up this way every year and treat us to a wonderful meal at some nice restaurant! Years ago when they lived in St. Joe, Char would be my travelling buddy to the fertility doctor way up in Grand Rapids. We made that trek many times, and then she got to be the lucky one to give me shots at a later point also! Anyway, it was a fun visit - I am always thankful for "old" friends! And here is a first showing of some of my trying my hand at crafting - I have PhotoShop, but really don't know how to use it too well - but check this out - we sat along the bluff in town to watch the sun go down, and the picture on the left is what was taken, and then I "removed" the couple sitting there to the right of us. Looks fairly well, don't you think? Still haven't figured out how to put the pretty boarders around the pictures tho. Now I wonder what you do if you want to get rid of double chins? Hmmmm??

Oh, and I also finally got my new scanner working.... I am having so much fun! So here is a picture of me in my younger days! I always thought I looked like a little chick here - with yellow fluffy hair!

I am guessing I was around five or six here - but don't you love the dress? I remember it too!
Anyway - I am taking old slides and copying them before they are all gone.....to age. I have all my old Vruwink family slides, so there are a TON of them, but I will try and do just a little at a time. They bring back so good memories! Sometimes tho they don't copy of jpeg, but to some Microsoft Office Document Imaging File, which I have no clue what it is, but people can't see it and I can't too easily either. Oh well, live and learn!

Then here is my first attempt at actual crafting - but don't laugh! It is my first try at antiquing, which is harder than it looks! It was a brown frame to begin with (I forgot to take a pic of that) and then I painted it white, just like you all said, and then I sanded it, so what do you think? Does it look old?

Well, I hope so. So do you put white on top of dark then sand, or dark on top of white and then sand? And then aren't some people buffing (and rubbing) stuff too? Just how do you know? Also having a bit of a tough time getting these pics to go where I want them to go. Oh well.....

And then there are the pics of what my daughter is sewing!!! I am so excited - she is making a t-shirt quilt, of all her old high school and a few first year or two of college t-shirts! She has never really taken an interest in sewing like I did (I used to be a voracious sewer - one time I came home from spring break, with ten days off, and I went back to school with 14 new pieces of clothes!) So here is Emily dearest: I am very proud of her!

And then I have tons of pictures of flowers to show you all - and I want to be sure to tell you all about: (list to myself - so I won't forget, or lose it!) frustrations of new dvd player - and digital junk, pics of grandpa on Father's day, flowers in the garden, and ones that didn't come back, going to Houghton - and Helen's book........etc., But since it is 2 AM I think I will finish up another load of laundry and then hit the sack. So thanks to everyone for their patience - Hugs from Diane (for now)

-----anyone know any tricks to getting the pictures to go where you want them to go? I have re-edited this thing like six times and it looks good on the "table" but when published to post all the pics are out of place! And what is with all this wasted space on the sides? I don't know how to add any of those fancy buttons anyway!

And don't forget you can always click on a picture for a better view!