Monday, February 16, 2009

Only a Little Late!

This weekend I have promised myself I WILL blog myself! And I WILL, but quickly tonight before I go to bed, I do want to quickly squeeze this one in. I have been cleaning boxes and crates filled with soot/wood bits/who knows that got all over (and in) everything in our tiny attic when we had our 150 year old farm house re-roofed last year. And tonight I came across a crate from a long time ago. Anyway, since it was just Valentine's Day I wanted to show you this vintage card, but not just any vintage card, but one that my dad sent to my mom many, many moons ago. They have both been gone for many years, but I am glad it was one of the things I saved! By the way, my dad's real name was Harold, but everyone called him "Friggy". So let's see if I can make this work...... (hint - if you click on the picture it becomes crystal clear!)

Isn't this just sweet? I think so!