Friday, June 06, 2008

How About A Blog A Month Group?

I have just spent the evening looking at a lot of just incredibly lovely blogs - and been inspired to do all kinds of crafting, sewing, gardening, etc., etc. There is an awesome world out there in these blogs - just tons of other ladies like me - all with different stories of things going on in their lives. I had about 50 (slight exaggeration) sites open because I wanted to go back and check the whole blog when I had more time, but my computer seemed to be running slower and slower, and guess what. I needed to get out of all those sites! So that is what I worked on tonight. One of the last ones I read had a hugely long list of all people who were committing to blogging every single day for a month - holy cow! Now that is a commitment! So I am thinking I should start a group of people who commit to blogging once a month! (smile!) (And I am only kidding here - I would have no idea how to set up something like that - have you noticed I have nothing on my blog?!)

Tonight is Thursday, and tomorrow is my first full week being off for the summer - yippee! I made it! It has been wonderful. My daughter and I have been sleeping in till noon every day, since I am a real night owl, and always have been. But it has been a fun week! Emily is home for the summer and found a job at a cafe downtown and started this last Monday. And we have both signed up at the local racquet club and have been going to that this week, so that has been lots of fun. I see lots of the kids from high school there - but oh well..... and I can't do too much for too long, but I figure you gotta start somewhere. And as soon as I find my bathing suit I will use the pool too. But I was pleasantly surprised that it isn't that crowded at one or two o'clock and it is great having a buddy encouraging me along the way. Sure wish I didn't have a bum knee tho - would love to be able to play tennis again. I would show those high school kids!

So tonight I was on the way to visit a good friend who had surgery earlier this week, and pulling out of the driveway I chat with my "neighbor angel" and find out his wife, who is around my age, has stage four cancer, and 14 spots showing up in the liver alone......... glug....... that sure makes you think about your priorities! This is my neighbor angel who has helped our family out countless times, fixing cars, vans, brakes, assorted other car maladies, cutting down trees, or anything else mechanical that needs fixing. It just shouldn't happen to them! They are wonderful Christian people, and she called to our house while I was gone saying that it all really isn't that bad.... I will have to go visit her tomorrow! Oh my goodness! Please pray for Linda!!!

And right now my living room (and dining room) look like a war zone - and you know this is when some unexpected company will drop bye! Oldest son Ben, has given us the okay to switch over his room. He is all graduated from college, has his own car now (another story) and just moved into his own apartment up in Houghton in the Upper Peninsula! So, since our house is pretty small, with no closets and no garage, in order to get his bunkbed/futonbed and desk out of there to get rid of, everything had to be moved out here. His room looks quite huge now! What do I do with his BOXES of Magic cards? I wonder if he would notice if I threw them out....

And then last weekend we went to go and see my sister and her husband and their new home. We had a great time, and we were treated very royally! We drove to Indianapolis right in the middle of huge storms and threatening tornadoes, which was kinda scary, but we made it. Then on Saturday we went to the Indianapolis Zoo - and I got tons of great pictures of animals - I am loving my new Canon camera with the 10x zoom lens! It has been a long time since we have been at a zoo, it was a great thing to do again! So I will have to include a few of those here too. Then they took us out to eat with their son and family too, so that was great also, hadn't seem them for a long time! We had a wonderful meal and a great time catching up. Then on Sunday went to church with them, and saw all the trees that were blown down in the recent storms. Had a very nice visit! Thanks Grace & Will!

Well, see, once I get going, I just keep yacking on and on..... sorry about that. And it is 2:15 AM, so do I add the pictures to the post now, or wait till tomorrow? Well, maybe just a few tonight....Hugs from Michigan! Hope you enjoy the animal pics - trust me, I did leave lots of pictures out!