Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Knee & Lots of Love!

Well - tomorrow when I am uprighy for a bit I will check this out

to get a really good look---click on this pic so you can see a bit more of my throat!

My wonderful surgeon!

I have a new knee - and everything went well, thank you Lord! And I was visited by friends bearing gifts and flowers (I will have to have surgery more often - jk!) And more flowers and more flowers 0- I felt sooo loved - thank you everyone. This isn[t working so great having this on my tummy, along with vicodin in my tummy!So will write more soon, butcan at least put a few pix in. Beware the pic if the throat - I think theytried to give me a new eso0hagus while I was out and it hurt worse than the leg! more later XOX

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Nope I didn't see a mouse! Tomorrow I am getting a new knee!!! I am a little nervous, and twelve hours from now it will all be over! And I am covered with tons of prayer - so there is nothing more I can do for now......... but PRAY!!! And the surgeon I have is a wonderful man, who I trust 200%. I took before pictures, but will post them along with the after, the before is gross enough! I am hoping after all is said and done I will be much more prone (and able) to walk, and get up out of my lazy boy! Hmmm..... doesn't prone mean to lay down? Oh well, you know what I mean! And Dr. K. says I have suffered enough, and that my leg is bow-legged because of the two (or was it three) places where bone is on bone.

And I will leave you with a sweet picture of Emily and I. See you later!

You can surf on Lake Michigan!
This is my hubby!

And his surfing buddy! Waiting for the perfect wave, which eventually did come!