Friday, May 02, 2008

Spring is Here!

Want to show you a few pictures of the flowers in our yard. Although I am having a tough time getting the camera to focus on what I want it to focus on. It seems the ground in the background is crystal clear in focus, but the flower is blurry, even tho I had the focusing box on the flower. But one thing I did find tho is that you can't use both the macro lens and the zoom lens! That was a surprise to me, but it did explain why I was having such a terrible time getting close ups. I also photoshopped some flower pictures, but do you think I can find them - NO! And the other day I went through and got all the pictures of my card, so don't know what happened to the zipped up pictures - oh well, if I find them I will add them on later.

I just love this time of year where all of a sudden you are made aware of all the forsythia around you, and then of the cherry trees in your neighborhood, and then all the tulips and daffodils in the different yards. And I love the magnolia trees, just hope they don't get hit by any late freeze here in Michigan. And pretty soon the crab apple trees will be blooming too, they are just about ready to pop at work in the courtyard at school. I have to work on the focusing tho!

Ahh - found the edited picture, I had saved it to Flickr, so getting it over here was a little different.

And I have also been trying to figure out how to put a border around my pics - I think I might have mentioned this before - but boy this stuff is complicated! How does everyone learn how to do this stuff? Oops, better insert some pictures before I forget...

And then had to throw in these two pictures too. This is Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal, who I think have come back to our house year after year. The picture on the left they see me through the living room window, and the one on the right they don't care anymore! And the bar going across between Mr. and Mrs. is my cafe rod going across the picture window. So it looks almost like two separate pictures, but they really aren't. Oh well, too much info! But we enjoy looking at them!

Borders anyone? And remember you can click on any picture to get a better view.