Monday, March 02, 2009

Another Birthday Past

And there was also Emily's 21st birthday - while she was biking in Australia for her interim. So we celebrated that after she came home. She has been so anxious for this birthday, when she can finally drink alcohol! She has been so good and patient about that - I am amazed - and proud of you Emily! She had a white Russian for one of her first drinks - mmmm, doesn't that sound good right now? So when she got home, her friend Lauren, from school, came for the weekend, and we also had Kathryn and her parents over too to celebrate. We had a wonderful time!

Of Birthdays Past

Well, where do ya start? I can't start out every post about being so behind, and apologizing - but here it is again...... oh well....... Time just does whiz bye these days! So, once again, playing a little catch up - here are pictures of our Birthday week!

The Carlson Family does it up big in mid January! DH's birthday is at the end of December, and then me and the kids have our birthdays January 13th, 15th & 17th!!! So when the kids were young, we would all get sick of cake that week, especially as our family all wants confetti Angel Food cake for their birthday. So this year, Ben was still in the U.P. (that is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) for his 24th birthday, and Emily was in Australia for her 21st birthday! But I was home - and got to celebrate with my wonderful Birthday Babes at the local Chili's Restaurant. We go there for each of our birthdays, and usually sit there talking and catching up until hours later, and we always have a great time. We all have girls the same age, so we have been doing things like dance lessons, soccer games, tennis matches together for many years. And it is always comforting to find out that their girls are doing the same type of things as my girl is! We also like to come up with some goofy cards - and pictures get cut up, and heads get pasted on to new cards, but we are running out of cards that have pictures with five women on them. But anyway, here are a few of the cute one's that I got this round, along with pictures of the five of us.

A little shuffling here:

Look at me, kickin up my heels!

And hubby and I got to go out to eat at my fave restaurant later that week, thanks to another gift! It was a wonderful birthday!