Monday, January 12, 2009

Let it Snow!!!

Click on these pictures - you will be transported!
Here is the view out of my living room window, these are to block the noise of the rather busy street on the other side. You would never know would you...

Well, here is hoping for a few more inches, and maybe a snow day from school tomorrow - maybe then I would have time to catch up! My decorations are down, but I still have a few Christmas pictures to show everyone! So hang on/be patient! In the meantime pray for snow! I LOVE IT!
Everything looks so fluffy and white! We got twelve inches since yesterday, and it is snowing again tonight, so there is hope! But it has been coming down nice and gently, with no wind blowing it around, so we shall see. But here are a few pictures I just couldn't resist taking. I think this resident cardinal is starting to smile for me when he sees the camera coming out!

And hubby was even able to go cross country skiing today. When we moved here 30 years ago and bought cross country skis, we loved to go out along the trails along Lake Michigan. But we haven't hardly had sufficient snow the last fifteen twenty years, and now with my arthritis in my toes and knee, I really miss being so mobile! But I am glad DH got to go!

And here are a few Snow Flowers from my garden - through the living room window mind you. When I first saw these on blogs, it took me awhile to realize what they were - just flowers adorned with snow!

Oh, another neat thing about snow - in our old farmhouse we put in a sky light and it is right over our bed. Much to my hubbies chagrin, I like to have it just a little bit open year round (well lots open in the summer), but when there is snow all around like now, the sound is so cool. I even had hubby get up to listen last night - when you stick your head out the sky light, there is NO sound, it is like the snow has swallowed up all the sound! It is the strangest thing - the silence is very loud!

So snow - come on down!

Hugs from Michigan - Diane