Saturday, July 28, 2007

Busy, Busy Busy!

In this last week we have been to Chicago two times, and and then also two times two hours to up north of Muskegon to see my brother & sister in-law and their kids (who are closer to me in age than my brother), so we have been putting on some miles lately! The one trip to Chicago was for the memorial service for a friend's dad, who had been ready and waiting "to go home". And then to the airport in Chicago again the next day. Then the first trip up to Paul & Gwen's was to see Kim & Tom and kids and Dot & Dave and kids - we had a great time! Will include some of the pics from that jaunt. And here first is Kim, with Wurtzie (sp?) who doesn't leave her side. Notice the possessed eyes! The red eye removal just doesn't work with pets I am afraid!

Then here is a neat pic of Elliot and Molly - who were kind enough to hold hands for me a minute! Watching the sunset over Lake Michigan.

And here is another photo of the two, probably more accurately portraying their feelings....(just kidding!)

And then I challenged everyone to a mean game of Big Boggle - only to be whupped by Dot and her boys!!! Boy they were good!

After church I "made" everyone stand on the very steep driveway, to have a group shot taken - so hope that explains things a little bit....

And here are Kim & Tom & family

And Paul & Gwen

And it was Dot and Dave's 23rd Anniversary, and Dave had made a beautiful bowl and plate carved out of wood for his lovely wife - it was gorgeous!

Wow - that was some finagling to get this to come together - the blog thing won't let me keep using the same font, you have to fight it for each sentence you write! But I am getting better on the photoshopping - I don't think you can tell where I touched up a few things, can you? And family, if you want to see lots more photos, go to flickr and then search using our original family name, which is quite unique!

And then I had hoped to get to see my other sister and her hubby at their new house yet before school starts, but that may not get to happen - since next week we are going up to the U.P. to visit Ben (and camp!) up in Houghton. And lots to do before we leave!!! So anyway, goodnight!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fran's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Fran! My sister celebrated her birthday by going to the Bay Pointe Inn on Gun Lake - and very nicely asking me to join her! We had a wonderful time - the landscaping was beautiful and peaceful and we just soaked it all in! And knowing me - I have more pictures I want to share, so forgive me for a few more photos -- and lets see if I can get them so they don't overlap eachother this time. So there is Fran sitting on the grounds, enjoying the view.

So this was our salad - aren't those "bowls" neat? I just thought that was so cool! We ate out on the veranda of the hotel's restaurant, overlooking the lake, and here the two of us are, I am actually coming out from behind the camera myself! I am the one on the right....
And then one, mmmm, maybe two more pics:

So there you go.... that was Fran's birthday! It was lovely - we may make it two days next year, cuz we never did have time to just sit and relax and read.

And since that weekend, things have been FLYING time wise - where does it go? So I will update on that later, when I have a moment, so there is more to come soon, I promise!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

30 Anniversary & Dad as a Pirate

Okay - will try this again. Sonny boy says I have to update (smile) but I did get some comments so that was very encouraging! So I will show you some flowers that were sent to us/me recently, for our 30th Anniversary - can you believe it? The roses were from my darling hubby and the flowers in the basket were from my sweet sister! We also got lots of cards and well wishes! It is probably a good thing I don't have a scanner to scan in any pics from our wedding in 1977 (grin)! So here goes with those pics, and lets see if I can keep them from being on top of eachother.

So far so good - and then we just got back from the LECO picnic, and you get a prize if you come dressed up as the theme - so it was pirates this year, and I had some costumes that we were able to come up with a costume for Clay - doesn't he look terribley scarey? He was so cute, and we got a cooler with a radio in it?!

One other little odd thing - as part of the health fair part of the picnic I had a back massage - and I always think of myself as being laid back and easy going - but apparantly not. The masseuse asked if I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders cuz I was all knots in my back! And the massage was pretty painful actually, she found all kinds of sore spots! So I am off to try and relax, ... think I will take a nap! See ya later!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ben & Friends

This was a fun week - Ben was home (to go to the Moto-Cross thing!) and so we had his friends over, and had lots of company. It was great! I put my pictures on Flickr, but I guess it might be easier to see them will add a few, and will put the rest on Flickr.

**Edited - ha ha - I have absolutely no control over this!!! You click and drag one direction, and the picture pops up going the other direction! This is the pits!!! And then this is the second time I am redoing this too - this is not going well! Anyone have any hints? Also - when I am looking at it now, the wording and the pictures are separate, but when posted, the words go right over the pictures - harumph, why is that??? I will keep putzing around with it I guess...... wish me luck! BENNIE (my son!-my computer whiz son) HELP!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogger Tutorial???

I think I kind of fell into this....maybe by accident....hmmm...have been reading as much as I could, but can't figure out how or why people would come bye here??? Maybe I will have to search for a blogger tutorial. I know I love looking at all the different blogsites (right word?) and my bookmarked blogsites list goes on into eternity, but right now sitting here with not much on my mind. Hmm is there a blog book for Dummies? I'll keep reading.....

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ach - what have I done??? I know nothing about this blogging stuff, other than that I love to lurk.... and I get confused about signing up for this stuff, I probably have a dozen different accounts out there, but can never get back into them!!! Anyone for tutoring? hmmmm...... now I see settings, and template listed as tabs on top here - maybe I should have checked them out first - oh well, here goes nothing!!!