Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graduation Day!

Well, notice that the blogging catch up didn't happen! And now we are packing for going to our daughter's college graduation this Saturday!!! It doesn't seem possible!!! We are so excited for her, and so proud of her!!! Hopefully I will get a lot of graduation pictures up when things slow down (do they ever???) And here are a couple of pictures I have taken lately.

This is Mother's Day visiting Emily at "her house".

And this is a picture of Emily with her $10.00 dress. I like it this length (the length it came in). But she likes it the length in the picture below the first one.

And check this picture out - the picture behind her, on the left, is a picture of her and all her housemates, good friends who all together are moving to a new house on the first of June. (if she can find a job that is!)
And then notice the word in the window to her right! It was meant to be! I just thought this was kind of cool!

And this is Emily and Lauren - who got a job at the hospital in town - who we are going to see getting pinned tomorrow night! (along with her other roomie and friend) (no more nurses caps I guess!) Lauren was the one that God gave Emily as her roommate when she was a freshman, and has been a wonderful young lady to get to know! She is from California, so we have gotten to be her "foster parents" a time or two, like when she is a star in a dance recitals.

Okay, so gotta pack, no more procrastinating!