Monday, February 25, 2008

A Teaser

Ha ha - it has been awhile again, hasn't it?! But look who came to our house this weekend! Five College Girls! (the one with the pink collar coming in, is the one that belongs to us!) We had such a great time - the girls were wonderful - and dad spoiled us all by making all kinds of wonderful things to eat! Yes, you guessed it, we had to have Mocha Torte again!

And the first night we had a night of make your own facials! And this is just a teaser, I will tell you lots more about it in the next few days - but just wanted to wet your appetite! And please, please leave a message, okay? If you aren't a regular blogger, just go in under anonymous, and then sign your name as part of the message, that will be fine! So tell you more in a few...... Have a good week - hugs, Diane

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Birthday Party at Home!

So here is our princesses birthday at home. She got her wish - a Daddy-made Mocha Torte/Cake! This is just the best. I will have to have him show me the recipe so I can include it here.

It is three layers of goodness!

Oops, we forgot to put out forks!And after all that cake, we need a little rest, right? Look at that sleeping beauty!
Happy Birthday Young Lady!