Saturday, July 28, 2007

Busy, Busy Busy!

In this last week we have been to Chicago two times, and and then also two times two hours to up north of Muskegon to see my brother & sister in-law and their kids (who are closer to me in age than my brother), so we have been putting on some miles lately! The one trip to Chicago was for the memorial service for a friend's dad, who had been ready and waiting "to go home". And then to the airport in Chicago again the next day. Then the first trip up to Paul & Gwen's was to see Kim & Tom and kids and Dot & Dave and kids - we had a great time! Will include some of the pics from that jaunt. And here first is Kim, with Wurtzie (sp?) who doesn't leave her side. Notice the possessed eyes! The red eye removal just doesn't work with pets I am afraid!

Then here is a neat pic of Elliot and Molly - who were kind enough to hold hands for me a minute! Watching the sunset over Lake Michigan.

And here is another photo of the two, probably more accurately portraying their feelings....(just kidding!)

And then I challenged everyone to a mean game of Big Boggle - only to be whupped by Dot and her boys!!! Boy they were good!

After church I "made" everyone stand on the very steep driveway, to have a group shot taken - so hope that explains things a little bit....

And here are Kim & Tom & family

And Paul & Gwen

And it was Dot and Dave's 23rd Anniversary, and Dave had made a beautiful bowl and plate carved out of wood for his lovely wife - it was gorgeous!

Wow - that was some finagling to get this to come together - the blog thing won't let me keep using the same font, you have to fight it for each sentence you write! But I am getting better on the photoshopping - I don't think you can tell where I touched up a few things, can you? And family, if you want to see lots more photos, go to flickr and then search using our original family name, which is quite unique!

And then I had hoped to get to see my other sister and her hubby at their new house yet before school starts, but that may not get to happen - since next week we are going up to the U.P. to visit Ben (and camp!) up in Houghton. And lots to do before we leave!!! So anyway, goodnight!


bccarlso said...

Can't wait to see you guys, but I wish I was down there to see everyone else, looked like a lot of fuN!

bccarlso said...

Less than two days! =)