Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fran's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Fran! My sister celebrated her birthday by going to the Bay Pointe Inn on Gun Lake - and very nicely asking me to join her! We had a wonderful time - the landscaping was beautiful and peaceful and we just soaked it all in! And knowing me - I have more pictures I want to share, so forgive me for a few more photos -- and lets see if I can get them so they don't overlap eachother this time. So there is Fran sitting on the grounds, enjoying the view.

So this was our salad - aren't those "bowls" neat? I just thought that was so cool! We ate out on the veranda of the hotel's restaurant, overlooking the lake, and here the two of us are, I am actually coming out from behind the camera myself! I am the one on the right....
And then one, mmmm, maybe two more pics:

So there you go.... that was Fran's birthday! It was lovely - we may make it two days next year, cuz we never did have time to just sit and relax and read.

And since that weekend, things have been FLYING time wise - where does it go? So I will update on that later, when I have a moment, so there is more to come soon, I promise!

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bccarlso said...

Happy birthday Fran! =)

I can't wait to see you guys later next week!