Wednesday, July 11, 2007

30 Anniversary & Dad as a Pirate

Okay - will try this again. Sonny boy says I have to update (smile) but I did get some comments so that was very encouraging! So I will show you some flowers that were sent to us/me recently, for our 30th Anniversary - can you believe it? The roses were from my darling hubby and the flowers in the basket were from my sweet sister! We also got lots of cards and well wishes! It is probably a good thing I don't have a scanner to scan in any pics from our wedding in 1977 (grin)! So here goes with those pics, and lets see if I can keep them from being on top of eachother.

So far so good - and then we just got back from the LECO picnic, and you get a prize if you come dressed up as the theme - so it was pirates this year, and I had some costumes that we were able to come up with a costume for Clay - doesn't he look terribley scarey? He was so cute, and we got a cooler with a radio in it?!

One other little odd thing - as part of the health fair part of the picnic I had a back massage - and I always think of myself as being laid back and easy going - but apparantly not. The masseuse asked if I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders cuz I was all knots in my back! And the massage was pretty painful actually, she found all kinds of sore spots! So I am off to try and relax, ... think I will take a nap! See ya later!


bccarlso said...

Haha, dad looks hilarious. Bummed I missed out. And speaking of massages... I need one.

karin (creativechaos) said...

Happy Anniversary!

Emily said...

I miss you guys! LECO picnic. Aww. Good times. Hope ya played a few games and won me a prize or two. ;)

bccarlso said...

Hey mom, I bought a fourth ticket. It's two seats over, but the lady said we could probably get people to move over, and if not, I'll sit there. Update your blog! ;)

Neil & Janie-Lou Culbertson said...

Hi Folks,

What a treat to see so many of the Carlson/Vruwink clan in one place! Beautiful pictures of all. God has clearly been good ... very good to one and all.

Much Love in Christ,

Neil & Janie-Lou Culbertson