Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Catch Up!

Oh dear - it seems the faster I go, the further behind I get! We just got back from camping up in the U.P. and will write more about that - but first have to catch up with family visits at my brother Paul and Gwen's house. I got to see my nephew Mike and his wife Bonnie, and their two kids this time - it was great getting to see them too!!! But I am going to start out with a picture of Kim. This is just such a perfect picture of her and the day. My niece is only four years younger than I am, so I feel quite close to her, but here she is coming up from the beach where we spent the afternoon relaxing and visiting and just catching up with eachother.

And then here is Mike & Bonnie, who I hadn't had a chance to see either for several years with them all living in California!

Then here is the whole group, ah what the heck, several of the whole group eating supper.

Then Jessie and her boyfriend Jason

And finally, the Mike & Bonnie family!

There - hope everyone enjoys looking at the pics. Sorry the ones of John & Jessie didn't turn out too hot - so had to skip those! It was great seeing you all! Love ya!


bccarlso said...

Ah man, why do I have to be way the heck up here. Would have been nice to see them!

bccarlso said...

You need to get more people than just me to comment on your posts. ;)

bccarlso said...

By the way, you're such a liar. :P You said you were going to update, AND comment on my site! Liar! :P