Monday, December 22, 2008

Still Decorating!

Help - I am still decorating (and trying to put stuff away!), but I did find some old family Christmas pictures, that I thought I would share with everyone. Well, that didn't work so well! I did get one, nope two pictures to work, but all the other ones I scanned have disappeared - can't find them anywhere, and besides that I couldn't get the pictures to upload - everything would freeze!

The top picture was sent out as a Christmas card, with me in my little green felt skirt that was made by my mom, and I have it still. It was used as a Christmas tree skirt for many years!

Then this picture below, I couldn't resist showing it here too. Don't I look like I have something naughty planned? I love that little glint in my eye!

And if anyone has any ideas about how to find the other pictures I had scanned, please let me know! I am hoping my computer-wise son, who is coming home in a day or two, will help me out here!

See ya soon!


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