Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Found my missing Scans!

Well, I found the two I was looking for! So here you go. In this first one I am the little blondie and was three, going on four, because the pajama top my dad is holding up my mom made for the new grandchild soon to be born! (my brother was 22 years old when I came along!) My brother and his wife weren't in the picture, and I think that is their pajamas in the foreground, but see how the tiny one has "baby" written on the pocket? Isn't that cute? My mom made all those pajamas - pretty talented lady. And don't you love the vintage tree in the background?

And in this picture I was a little older - and I think Santa was Mr. Duenk, who lived across the street. I think I was trying to figure it out here - I could tell the beard was fake! And again, a corduroy dress my mom had made. I remember this Santa visit, wasn't it nice he came to see me in my neighbor's kitchen?

Oops, my 20 year old daughter is calling me to come and tuck her in - can't pass that invitation up! In two weeks she goes to Australia for a Bike Tour!

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