Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

I am still here guys!!! I am just having a terrible time decorating! I am just not gifted in the area of putting stuff together, making decisions, knowing how to do this decorating stuff. We do have the tree up and decorated now (I do love those red ornaments!) and have begun moving things around in my other decorating spots - but am really struggling with what looks good! I have this lovely new (garage sale) white bird cage that I filled up with silver and gold balls I bought last year (plastic and cheap - don't tell anyone!) and they look pretty good. Then I find some red balls, and think, oh maybe it needs some color too - so there I go - not sure which way to go! and then I think, well maybe I should put a tree and something else in there - hmmmmmm - decisions, decisions! And I know it doesn't make any difference, and I know it is no big deal, and yada yada yada - I still struggle with it. So tomorrow I will take some pictures of my decorating dilemas, and ask for help/opinions!

In the mean time here is a box of vintage ornaments I got at a church rummage for four dollars - aren't they beautiful?


Ben Carlson said...

Hey! Didn't you see that I tagged you with the 6th Page 6th Picture meme?! http://www.ben-carlson.com/index.php?id=110

Follow those directions mumsy!!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Hi Diane,

Those ornaments are so pretty! and my bets advice is use everything :) I love my tree to be a combo of all things loved and I try and stay away from a color scheme, I just add everything , lol....

Thanks so much for you comments too! how sweet of you! and yes, I didn't have to sand at all. Thats why they have Zinsser primer, it makes it so easy. Home Depot has it, its the best! just make sure the surface is clean and oil free and you're good to go :)!

Happy Holidays! Cynthia

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi Diane~
ARE YA stuggling here(:) LOL
oh I know it can be over whelming .. keep it up we wanna see (:) hugs,Patty