Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Starting to Roll (into Christmas)

Okay, okay - it is three AM, but that is the time I work best! It is just who I am and have always been! Man, I love looking at blogs! There is just a ton of wonderfully interesting stuff out there! Wonderful crafts I want to try, great recipes I would love to try (or at least give to Clay to try!) and beautiful pictures, etc., etc. Anyway - and now I am listening to a very interesting interview with Charlie Rose and he is interviewing Bill Gates, so I might as well add a new blog! What the heck, it is vacation, and I don't have work tomorrow! Let's see what good pictures I can find!

You know - I need to tell a little grateful to God story here - See the picture of my family below?
Well, that wasn't always the way things were. For MANY years it seemed to me that God didn't want me to have a family. My father was killed in a car accident when I was in first grade, and my mom died when I was in college. Then several years later, when I was married, we were wanting to start a family. Ha, ha.... little did I know - I got pregnant the first month we tried, had a miscarriage, and thought, oh that was easy, I am sure I will be pregnant again soon. Ha, ha. Seven LONG years later - and after many, many pills, shots, surgery, etc., and much, much prayer and pleading with God, He blessed us with Ben and Emily. And you know if someone had told me, you will have a child in seven years that would have been so great, but you never know if that seven years is going to be seventeen years, or never. So anyway - before I get too too lengthy here, I am VERY GRATEFUL to God for my wonderful family, and I so look forward to being all together in a few days! My life is very blessed! (and if anyone needs Christian information/encouragement on infertillity, let me know!) Gee after all that I will have to include more kiddo pictures!

The angel below here was given to me by my mother-in-law many years ago. Isn't it just the most beautiful and sweet thing? It plays music too when you wind her up. This is one of my favorite decorations - I love it.

And here is a cardinal on our bird feeder, look at that red!
And here is Mo Mo (Mozart) our cat that we said we would babysit two years ago, and somehow ended up staying with us! We LOVE this cat - he just lives for us to pet him, and he is the softest thing ever! He looks like he is half asleep here, which I think he was until I had to get him to look at the camera for me!

And then here is one of my current/new decorations. I found this lovely bird cage at my neighbor's garage sale. I will have to show you the whole thing later, it has all hearts around it and my neighbor used it for envelopes at her wedding. She was glad I was taking it and giving it a good home. So, I first started putting in only gold and silver balls, then thought what the heck, maybe it needs some color, so I added some red ones too. Hmmmmm, don't know though yet!
Well, we are getting up early tomorrow to do some final shopping. Mostly for my daughter who is going on a bike trip in Australia in two weeks. We don't have any bike shops in town so have to go an hour north, east, or south to get to a bigger city. We are also supposed to be getting a new snow storm, so we will see which direction gets the least snow!

So good night everyone!

Hugs - Diane

This is the picture outside of our living room window. It has been snowing quite a bit lately, and is also quite cold! I LOVE it!


Screen Door said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. Just goes to show you....God is never out of the picture, it's just hard doing things in HIS time and not our own.....Merry Christmas... God Bless...

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Oh I love them all.. cute pics Diane(:)
I hope you have a wonderful day ..we are almost there ~!! Merry Christmas ~!!
hugs, Patty

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Charlie Rose and Bill Gates..
oh I love watching Charlie..and Bill is amazing he has a fabulous wife too..
well I love your Story and you were truely blessed with these darling children(:)
.. hope you have a wonderful New Year too..

Sheryl said...

Hi Diane! Emily reminded me last night that you had a blog, so thought I'd stop by and say hi. Loved the pictures, you are a terrific photographer.

Also, enjoyed reading about God's faithfulness to give you a family. It is true - how hard it is to wait when we don't know the outcome.

Had a great time with the girls last night. Thanks for sharing your daughter with me.


lsg said...

Indeed you do a great job of decorating.I love the birdcage and ornament idea. I took alot of my decorations down today but i'll leave some up for a while. I do up my kitchen in a winter snowflake and snowman theme and leave it up all winter. I have been to St.Joseph Mi. It's so pretty there.Peace of Christ be with you.

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi Diane(:) Oh Happy Birthday to you (:) well mine is the 18th..
what is yours...?
I was a teachers aide too --we call them Para pros now ..in Washington.. and I worked with
the special education once in awhile..
~~~ well dear happy days~!!
hugs, Patty