Thursday, January 31, 2008

Emily's Birthday!

Wow, it has been a week again since I have posted! I am still hoping to get some very belated Christmas pictures posted yet! (grin!) But here are some pictures from Emily's 20th Birthday Day. We went up to GR to take her and her friends out to eat, then we kidnapped Emily and brought her home for the long weekend. Chef Dad made her a Mocha Torte for her birthday cake, mmmmm-m it is out of this world! So my baby is 20, holy cow, how did this happen? She is such a sweet heart and a blessing! We are so proud of her, she is beautiful inside and out! Okay, no more chatter, time for pictures!

Lauren - Emily's roommate (in pink) and 20 Year old Emily (in blue)
((since I can't get the words to stay under the pictures between the editing and the actual site!))

A little better look at the photo album I made. This is for Emily's pictures of her Alaska Mission trip this summer.

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Emily said...

Beautiful pics mama dearest!