Thursday, January 17, 2008

Birthday Week & a New Camera!

This is our "Week of Birthdays" week! Ben turned 23 on the 13th, I turned 5_ on the 15th, and Emily will be/is 20 on the 17th! No more teenagers in the house! Happy Birthday everyone! This was the week when we would all get sick of birthday cake by the end of the week, because you know how it is - everyone needs their own birthday cake! And at our house birthday cake is always confetti Angel Food cake. But this year none of the kids are at home for their b-days, so that is a new change that I am not sure if I like. Hmmmm.....change!

I got to go out to eat with the Birthday Girls last night and that is always lots of fun. We all have girls the same age, so we catch up on each other's lives and the lives of our girls. But since my camera has been broken I couldn't take any pics - it has been killing me, not having a camera! But I got the one I ordered today! Yippee - I can't wait to figure it out! I went back to a Canon, since that is what my old 35 mm was, that I had for about 35 years and it served me very well. (that was one of the ways I knew my husband of 30 years was the right one for me - we had identical Canon cameras!) So the next birthday get together I will get pics of the margaritas. And hubby made me my angel food birthday cake, and I will take a picture of that tomorrow, if there is any left!

I am having a hard time taking photos with the new style of photography! I have a hard time not centering the subject, and having space all around it etc., etc. But there is certainly a new trend with photos of just taking very close close ups and just partial pictures of items - and to take pictures of people without their heads - I can't do it! Anyone else have a hard time with that?

And tomorrow is my sweet Emily's b-d, and since she is at college only an hour and a half away, we are going to drive up and take her and her girlfriends out to eat at Olive Garden - then onto Cold Stone's, sounds like fun doesn't it?

Then today, one day after turning 5_ I fell inside the school building on the win in this morning! We have snow, of course here in Michigan, and the floor had just been recently highly polished, so what did I do? Did a knee dive/splits! And it always happens so fast, you don't remember exactly what went what direction - but I remember sitting there on the floor, just glad nothing hurt severly, so I was hoping nothing was broken. Then some great kids came and helped me up, and it wasn't too bad, but as the day wore on it hurt worse and worse. We only had a half day because of exams (I am a teacher aide to a freshman in high school), so I HAD to do a few errands in the afternoon (one was going to Goodwill - a birthday treat to myself - will show pics tomorrow of the goodies!) and by the time I came home my knee was really hurting, and my ankle was also all swollen. So I iced that down, and it looks better tonight, but have been keeping myself to my LazyBoy so haven't tested walking for awhile. The thing is, last month I had three Synvisc injections to my knee because I have arthritis so bad and I have bone on bone there and the cortisone shots just weren't doing it anymore. And I had been feeling so great, being able to walk without pain - and who ever knew your knee was involved when you got up out of a chair - I could do that without pain too, it was great - and then this. So if you are the praying kind - please remember my knee!

And THANK YOU to all who remembered me on my birthday - I really appreciate the well wishes!

And then - ta da - my new camera! I am so excited! I can't wait to start using it! I tried to take pictures of the dog we are babysitting tonight, but he doesn't like getting his picture taken anymore than the kids! He sees me get out the camera and the darned dog runs for it! (I think it is the flash he doesn't like) But the cat (Mozart or MoMo) has cooperated, and she obligingly opened her eyes a crack!)

And I was able to do a little crafting of late! I made this photo album for Emily for her pictures from working in Alaska this summer. It was my first try at something in a long time - it was great fun! And I think I do have a picture of that......I have been able to use my friend's camera, thank you Robyn!!!, so here is that......

Oh oh, I don't think you are supposed to start every paragraph with an "and" hmmm.... And oh yea, I can't forget handsome Ben's birthday.... he turned 23, is now in the working world, but what do you get for a 23 year old son who just buys himself whatever he wants if he wants it.....hmmmm, any ideas? He would like a car/jeep of course, ha ha..... so Happy Birthday Bennie!

So raise a glass to everyone's birthdays - cheers!



Anonymous said...

Mmmm...cake looks yummy. I hope you all had wonderful birthdays. Take it easy on that poor knee! Love, Kate (carpenter) van den Brink

craftydabbler said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, complimenting and commenting. It is nice to hear from people.

Your cat reminds me of one of mine. He isn't very fond of having his picture taken, but he will stick around for a while.

Emily said...

Nice pics mom, haha - I can't believe you posted a picture of the cake. You should post the pics of my torte! That was amazing, oh my goodness.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I hope your knee is feeling better after your fall.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you visit often! I love it when people visit and leave comments! I live in NC near Asheville now, but I grew up in Hell Michigan, near Ann Arbor.

In answer to your question about the paint I used on my mosaic tote. It was from Lowe's. It is Valspar Signature Paint and the color is Emerald 2, and the color number is LA1102. Hope that helps

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a nice time! And sorry to hear about your knee. Hopefully it's feeling better!
Take care!