Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Okay - I am only going to write for a minute here, but I wanted to say how exciting it is to be listed under someone's "sweet friends and inspirations" - that is just the coolest thing! I think that will keep me smiling for a month or two! And it has been an age since I posted, but will just add a few quick photos I would love to share. The Moonflower picture I had just been thinking about writing a blogger who had shown their beautiful Moonflower to ask for help because I had started a package or two of them this spring, and they seemed to have disappeared. And wouldn't you know it - that night there was this huge white thing on my trellis - and sure enough, it was a Moonflower! Aren't they gorgeous?

And the other picture is of our High Bush Cranberry bush.

And one more little tale - There is a lot of stuff going on with us these days, but on Sunday I was getting ready to study for our Bible study - and my husband had left to go see his dad, so I had the house to myself, and I picked a classical (my fave) CD at random (ha ha) and cranked it up and hit play. I went and sat at the table, and all of a sudden the house is filled with Handel's Messiah - the Halleluia chorus! That was God's gift to me - thank you Lord!

And very soon I am hoping I too will be able to post about a craft I am wanting to do. You know it is fun (and easy) to gather the things to do the crafts, but another thing altogether to DO the craft! You have to make all kinds of decisions, and then actually cut into that pretty material (gasp!) but soon..... very soon!

Hope you all are well - hugs - Diane


bccarlso said...

Ooo what craft, is it a lightbox? :P

bccarlso said...

Haven't heard from this place in a while...!

Gayla said...

Those photos are breathtakingly beautiful.!!! Thanks for the uplifting comment on my blog... I love yours! I have always wanted a moonflower... Gorgeous! Have a good day... Gayla