Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beautiful dishes, pumpkins & ghosts

Oops - ended up falling asleep on the couch, and now it is time to go to bed! Will write something tomorrow - goodnight!
I am back, albiet two weeks later! It is SOOO easy to get lost in time by reading blogs! I sit down, and the next time I look at the clock it is several hours later! And I had meant to write in my blog, instead of just checking everyone else's out! Such fun! But it is easy to post pictures - I could easily just do that!

I wanted to show a couple things - I had to quickly rush to show my ghost cookies. We used to make them every year with the kids, both mine and all those that I babysat over the years. It is just Nutter Butter's dipped in white chocolate, and mini choc. chip eyes, which were always a bugger to put in - and still is!

And then I had to show you the beautiful, beautiful dishes that my sister recently gave me! They had been my mom's, and sis thinks they were an engagement gift from our dad to our mom - isn't that just the neatest thing? And they are just gorgeous - they have a beautiful pearlized finish on the insides of them! My sis said she had enjoyed them for years, and since she was down-sizing, she wanted me to enjoy them next - how wonderful! Thanks Grace!!! And then a friend came over to help me figure out how to display these beauties, and I think she did a great job! So they sit atop my old piano.

And then I had to throw in the table decoration I put together. I am trying to be creative! I will leave that picture at the top I guess......

So this brings me a little more up to date - catch ya later - Diane


bccarlso said...

You didn't send me any of those cookies!!!

Emily said...

Yeah you didn't send me any of those cookies either and you said you were gonna! What's up with that?! Oh well at least I've got some good ole apple pie! :) Yum!

Anonymous said...

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