Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Or Mo Mo, our kitty! Here he is awhile back when I was sewing, and he just seemed to think that all those pattern pieces were put out there for him to sleep in! Well, weren't they? (doesn't he have the prettiest green eyes?)


Jessica said...

Hi Diane.... Yes, my bird feeder is a black oil sunflower feeder. A friend of mine from work brought it for me, I believe she got it from Lowes.

I'm so sorry about the trouble you are having with your knee. I hope you are getting some relief and feeling better soon.

Your book club looks like great fun. Some girls from work have a book club and I'm thinking about joining them.

So you know my parents, huh? Sherry and Henry Burtchett? I asked my Mom if she remembered you and she certainly does. She spoke highly of you and your family. It's a small world!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


HI Diane (:)
OH LOVE your kitty cat~!!
How the heck have you been??
I haven't been traveling around the blogland very much lately.. hugs, Patty

Emily said...

Aww such a cute pic of MoMo! There are cats here at the seminary and so they make me think of him. Treat him well and pet him lots for me, okay? Love you.

Charlene said...

Thank you for stopping by to visit me. The soldering with the wavy lines is a special tape I bought. But, you can get the same effect by buying a little larger size tape & use the pretty scissors you can buy at the craft store to trim the edges to get the design of choice. I do this often & taught the girls in my Beginner's Solder Class how to do that. Hmmmmmm the clothes pins... did I photograph them? I need to go back & see if I did. If so, I'll send you a photo by email or send you the link to the post. Have a great week.

Candy said...

He is a beauty, I mean so handsome. At least Mo Mo stands for something. My poor little feline is know only as Gray-Gray, but I think she likes it. Mo-Mo & Gray-Gray...sweet!
Thanks for stopping by the other day.
Wednesday Blessings ;-)

Candy said...

Hey I forgot to mention...loved seeing you gals being served by the handsome men. Now that is life in bloggerville!
Cheers ;-)

Jessica said...

Hi Diane.... I did watch that Nature program on the hummingbirds last night. I was glued to the tv the whole time. Very interesting! I couldn't believe how many different types of hummingbirds there are. I think they said there were 350 types! They are all so beautiful. Sure wish we had more than just the ruby throated around here.

Hope things are well! Jessica