Sunday, August 23, 2009

Garden Walk

Well, for me this should probably be titled "Garden Hobble!" I was going to do a post about our wonderful Book Club gathering, but I realize now that the pics are only on my card, in my camera, that is in the other room! And my knee has me pretty much back to square one pain-wise, stiffness wise - even tho it has been like six weeks (or more?) since my knee replacement! Oh well - So anyway - I will do that post tomorrow, and share a few things in my garden and birds that I see from my window! I have really missed working in my garden this year, especially since it hasn't been so horribly hot, But they will be there next year too!

I hope no one gets sick of looking at bird or flower pictures! It is just so much fun trying to get the perfect shot. And then since it is digital, you might as well take a million shots in trying! So here are a few visitors in our yard.


bccarlso said...

Hey mom. The bird shots are a little blurry, but the flower shots are great! Love the close up of the rose is it? (Also I think you duplicated your post, it says the same thing in two places.)

Emily said...

Hey mamasita. Beautiful pictures. LOVE THEM! And I love you!