Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A New Knee & Lots of Love!

Well - tomorrow when I am uprighy for a bit I will check this out

to get a really good look---click on this pic so you can see a bit more of my throat!

My wonderful surgeon!

I have a new knee - and everything went well, thank you Lord! And I was visited by friends bearing gifts and flowers (I will have to have surgery more often - jk!) And more flowers and more flowers 0- I felt sooo loved - thank you everyone. This isn[t working so great having this on my tummy, along with vicodin in my tummy!So will write more soon, butcan at least put a few pix in. Beware the pic if the throat - I think theytried to give me a new eso0hagus while I was out and it hurt worse than the leg! more later XOX

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Shanda said...

Hi Diane, Shanda here, Bless your heart, looks like a tuff last few days....and the throat thing. Whats with that. Is that from the tube or did you get strep? Looks painfull. Looks like you are in some caring hands and being taking well care of.

You ask about the tin squares. You can order them through Lowes and some stotes carry them in stock. They are actually reproduction and made from a pvc material and don't dent ot rust. They are a bit pricey at 20.00 dollares apiece and they measure 16 by 20 inches. They real tin ones were 38.00 each and then same size and they come in a mulitude of colors. I would love them a s a back splash also and jave seen it done and it is beautiful. They wipe clean very easily and highly recommend and were very easy to install. They are glued to the walls and trimmed out with J channel that matches whatever finishes you choose.

Hope you mend quickly and are doing back hand springs soon.
Your friend,Shanda