Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where Does Time Go?

Emily - Accomplishing two of her summer goals at one time! Camping and reading a classic!

The Birthday Girls Book Club - our first meeting!

My sister and I

There will be more to come soon - but tonight I am having trouble getting the pictures to work! Will try again tomorrow!


nicola said...

hi there! thanks for visiting my blog! you asked me about almond butter. what you saw was store bought natural, trader's joe's store brand. where i live, you can easily find almond butter in natural food stores. BUT, i have successfully made peanut butter at home and suspect almond butter would be much the same. here is a link to a recipe much like i have used. in fact, i notice she has an adjoining recipe to peanut butter.


Emily said...

Love the pics mom, keep em coming!

Andrea said...

So you really DO camp :) Love the tablecloth. Thank you for stopping by my blog - I'm a little late in catching up with comments and visitors. So nice to find new blogs to visit!