Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hodge Podge & a little catch up

Every weekend, I promise myself I am going to blog, I am going to blog (or is it I am going to post?) And every weekend, I end up just reading all the blogs instead, and I am STILL 1,000 posts behind! How do you all keep up? That is my question - just how the heck does everyone do it? So I need to be going to bed here, it is 1:15 AM, and I should do SOME picking up, but I thought I could at least make a dent and put up some of my pictures. I am taking pictures all the time, thinking I will be using them on my blog, and see where it gets me? So, since I have lots to catch up on, here at least is a start! I would love it if you would leave a comment also, if there is anyone out there reading this! Hugs - Diane (I will be working on writing something to go with the pics tomorrow, I hope!)


bccarlso said...

Yeah, geeze, I'm home for two weeks and you don't make a blog post about it?! Get on that! :P

Anonymous said...

I love your shelf display! So cute, and springy!