Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dance Guild

That is Kelsey there!

And here is Beth in the middle in black!

And there is our Emily in the middle in the back!

And there is Lauren on the left!

And Lauren on the right! (Lauren choreographed this one to Amazing Grace, it was very good!)

Well here you go.... These are of the Dance Guild program that my daughter and her friends were in recently up at Calvin. Dh and I went up to Grand Rapids, met with my sister and a friend, went out to eat, and then went to see the program, it was really good! I thought there would be lots of ballet and maybe square dancing (kind of kidding here) but no, it was pretty wild (AND LOUD!!!) lots of hip hop and that kind of stuff. I didn't get too many great shots, those darn digital camera's you shoot the picture, then it is delayed so long the great shot is gone. So Emily is there in that one, she is in the back row with a black top and pink jacket - isn't she cute?
And her roommate Lauren, was in like five of the dances, and she choreographed a bunch too, we really enjoyed the whole thing!


Emily said...

Those are some really good pics mom! Wowza!

Anonymous said...

that would be really cool if I had choreographed that last one, but i didn't! I still love the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they're great! =)