Thursday, March 06, 2008

Weekend with the Girls!

Oh boy, it is going to be hard to pick which pictures to leave out...... I love my pictures, hope you do too! So the girls are friends of Emily - from college in GR, only a bit away from our house. So the girls came to our house for the weekend for a little home cooking and getting away from the old books. Friday night they made home made facials - what a mess! (grin!)
Remember you can click on any of the pictures to get a better look.

Check out the oatmeal in the ear!

Then Saturday after sleeping in, dad made Swedish pancakes for everyone.

Then the girls took a walk downtown and to the pier in St. Joseph - I am sure glad no one fell in!

Sunday morning, we all went to church (took up a whole pew!) and came home to a wonderful Sunday dinner, with pot roast, and all the rest of the works! Including, you guessed it....mocha torte.

Lauren, Kara, Beth, Emily & Kelsey

The girls are from California, east of Indianapolis, Valparaiso and Lansing, or was it East Lansing? The part that I think is so hard to believe - they are going to a predominantly Dutch, Christian Reformed College, and yet none of these girls had ever heard of the Christian Reformed Church, and none of them are Dutch!!! That is so ironic! They are the nicest girls, I am glad they are all friends, and I hope they come to visit here often! Love you girls!!!


Emily said...

Cara is spelled with a "C." But the pictures are beautiful mom. You did a good job of capturing the fun of our weekend! :)

pedalpower said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you live in St. Joe! If you look through my blog back a ways you'd find familiar pictures, of Shu's, Silver Beach, the light house. Our family has a cottage inland 20 miles on Magician Lake and we go to your town often!

I would consider selling the Dutch border. I'm keeping the other one.....because of the sail boats and lighthouses. Email me at homeagainatverizondotnet. Replacing the at and dot of course.

pedalpower said...'s homeagain62atverizondotnet
Sorry 'bout that!

Quaint Prims said...

Oh it looks so fun..except all the cold, snow and ice!!
and not just the girls had fun, the grown ups did too!!
smiles Deena

Sandy said...

That sounds like a blast!!
I have a girls group, but quite a bit younger.
Great to visit you!