Thursday, December 13, 2007

Graduation Day!!!

No pictures yet - but we are off for a few days to go to our number one son's graduation from Michigan Tech. in the Upper Peninsula! I am so excited - a few days away from all the things that need to be done (haven't started Christmas anything yet!) AND we get to stay in a hotel!!! (which we never do - but even we can't camp in December in the UP) And our family will all be together for a couple days, somehow I feel that this will be happening less and less. I am hoping number one son will be able to come home with us, (it is a ten to twelve hour trip) because he doesn't have a car up there. We live in "Southern" Michigan, which always sounds so strange, like it should be balmy and warm or something - ha ha! He is graduating with a degree in STC - Scientific and Technical Communications, I think it has to do with computers and websites, I think. And thank you Lord, he already has a job at Monte Consulting, in Houghton, where he worked this last summer, and also through the school year! We are SOOO proud of him. I am just hoping he will let me take more than one or two pictures, because he tends to not enjoy that too much, to say the least! I will see what I can do.

And our number one daughter is also home from college, yeah Christmas time! -doggone it--my computer is being VERY crochety (not the knitting kind!) it gives me the hourglass of death and then clickity clacks at me for let's see, this time it was 15 minutes! I always joke my computer is trying to teach me patience, but enough already! Anyway - number one daughter is home, she was able to finish exams early so she could come with us to the graduation. We all love our road trips.

Wanted to get one picture in here tho - it is of my Birthday Lady friends. One Friend is missing, so it isn't all of us, but nearly. We all have girls the same age (second year in college) and have been friends since they were a couple of years old - a long time. We get together for each other's birthdays and always love spending time together and catching up on each other's lives. It is a wonderful group of women!

And here is Flori's lovely home - this is her family room, and through that window there on the right, you can see Lake Michigan! Fantastic!

Well it is off to do laundry and packing! See ya later! Diane


Natalie said...

Awesome! It must feel so good to see your children succeeding. Well done. OKay my 2 cents: If you order room service, order from the children's menu... same food, less expensive! LOL... both of my brothers used to work in room service at a very posh place in La Jolla California. I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating a very special occasion.

bccarlso said...

You say #1 son like it means something. :P

And no, I won't be coming home with you guys, I will be working all week next week when everyone else is taking finals...

And no, STC isn't about computers and stuff. :P My job is, but that's not entirely what STC is. You'd think you would have figured it out after three or so years.. =)

Can't wait to see you guys, drive safely!